Home Improvement Course (Filter)


Exploring different filter brewing methods (Aeropress, Pourover, French Press and Moka Pot) in order to understand how to make a better cup of coffee at home. We begin this course with a cupping (professional coffee tasting) to introduce the spectrum of flavour that can be experience when tasting different coffees side by side.

This is followed by demonstrating 4 different filter brewing methods using the same coffee to illustrate how different brewing methods can influence the final cup.

Requirements : No previous experience required. This course is recommended for the novice home brewer / coffee maker.

Certification : No certification is provided for this course.

Course Duration : 3 hours

Participants : 2 – 6 max.

Included : Snacks will be served. Usage of machinery and all relevant ingredients. One complimentary bag of coffee.

Cost : R1999