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Based in Cape Town, South Africa

We do professional coffee training.

Winston Douglas Coffee is at the top of the industry providing professional barista courses,
coffee-related training courses, hospitality and cafe consulting, and equipment supply.

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Our story.

Winston Thomas started working in coffee in 2014. During his engineering studies he grew a curious interest in coffee. This interest quickly developed into a passion which he pursued after graduating.

After working for some of the top roasteries in South Africa, toured the country working as a guest barista in numerous cafes and having participated in three World Barista Championships as the South African Barista Champion Winston decided to start a business of his own.

Winston is one of a handful of certified Specialty Coffee Association Barista Trainers in South Africa and is globally recognised as a voice in coffee based on his wide international experience and expertise.

Our Clients

Our diverse experience in coffee has given us the opportunity to work with many clients in different industries. These range from hotel groups, cafes, to restaurants and film production companies.

Recognition & Awards

South African Aeropress Champion
Western Cape Barista Champion
2017, 2018,
South African Barista Champion
2017, 2018,
African Barista Champion

FNB Coffee Magazine Coffee Barista of the Year 2018

FNB Coffee Magazine Barista Trainer of the Year 2022


SCA Barista Courses

Our Barista Training courses are Specialty Coffee Association accredited. Get started with our Intro to Coffee course,
or opt for our Barista Skills or Brewing modules which range from foundation to professional.

SCA Barista Skills Foundation



SCA Barista Skills Intermediate



SCA Barista Skills Professional